When you get to get old

“My tongues are stuck!”

Great-Grandpa sits down to help with still-moving little legs and fixes my boy up in a “jiffy” as he says.
“Why’s your skin so saggy?” (he’s very bold). Great-Grandpa’s grinning “I’m saggy cuz I’m old!”
He doesn’t get into all the detail of the five kids he’d raised, or the Navy ships sailed.
He explains: “Life causes wrinkles, some scrapes, even a dent” but my boy’s not quite sure what Great-Grandpa meant.
How much can a little one really know about things that happened far away, another time ago?
Some thirty times longer than he’s been alive! My son can’t imagine a grey head’s inside.
Great-Grandpa’s been places, seen things, made the news! But today he’ll just be an expert on shoes.
“Thanks Grandpa. Want to see how high I can jump?” He flies off the couch and lands with a thump.
Great-Grandpa smiles and a secret’s been told, there’s more joy in the watching when you get to get old.
Three years old and ninety one. For both the best days are yet to come

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