Alistair James

On July 31, 2015 my son Alistair James passed away in the womb.  I never got to meet him in this life.  I often think of how old he would be and wonder how he would interact with his older brother and sister, or what milestones he would be reaching now; first step, first solid food, first word.  He was first in one respect: that, before me, he got to see Jesus face to face.

Here lies my son
My son who sleeps
Whose every secret heaven keeps
Whose smile is hidden from my view
Whose lungs first breath of glory drew

My son who walks,
On golden streets, with great saints talks
Whose mind man’s sin has never known
Who worships his true Father’s throne

My son who lives
In perfect peace and freely gives
Each thought and word to God’s great praise
Precedes myself in being raised

My son…
My son…
My son…
Oh my soul rejoice in you!
Yours whose eyes have a view
Of Savior sweet, and Spirit meet.
And Father good, and faithful, and true.

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